How to Ruin a Software Implementation in 7 Steps

Mistake #1: Misaligned expectations

Mistake #2: Not Prepared for Onboarding

  1. WHO needs to attend each training?
  2. WHAT will be discussed at each training?
  3. WHEN will the sessions be?
  4. WHERE will the sessions be held?
  5. WHY is each component of training important?

Mistake #3 — Not Having the Software Configured Before Training

Mistake #4 — Not Training Managers First

Mistake #5 — Not Setting Aside Dedicated Training Time.

Mistake #6 — Unengaging Training Sessions

  1. Set ground rules. No cell phones or browsing the web on their laptops. Make sure everyone shows up on time and can stay for the entire session.
  2. Everyone has their own laptop or workstation. It’s infinitely more engaging to use the tool yourself instead of watching someone else do it.
  3. Use practical exercises. Give your team mini-projects during training, like setting up a customer profile and running specific reports.
  4. “What’s in it for me?” Answer this question for your team as often as possible. Explain why each component, feature, or exercise is relevant to their work.

Mistake #7 — One-Size-Fits-All Training

Make Your Next Software Implementation a Success



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Zach Klempf

Zach Klempf

CEO & Founder at Selly Automotive