Why the Amex Delta Reserve Card is one of the best credit cards for entrepreneurs who travel frequently

Delta Reserve card for entrpreeneurs
Amex Delta Reserve Card — Copyright American Express

Cliff notes of why it’s great:

  • Reserve card gives you the ability to fast-track Medallion status via credit card spend like no other airline and the ability to get Platinum Medallion tier status without taking a single flight in the first year with their current sign-up bonus
  • Delta Club Access for yourself with several guest passes per year
  • Free checked bag, priority boarding, and a companion ticket (restrictions on use but free round trip ticket + fees/taxes) annually
  • Rollover MQMs on the card (makes it easier to hit status next year) and pay with miles option (nice hack to use miles for a paid ticket with MQM/MQS/MQD benefits)


  • In my opinion not really a con but there is $550 fee annually and some of the perks are similar to a Amex Platinum card or Platinum Delta card if you already have those
  • You should plan to spend at least $90,000 annually to hit the MQM bonuses Amex offers in $30,000 spend increments for 15,000 MQMs
  • Due to COVID, Delta has a new MQM bonus and ability to earn status even with award miles tickets

Coolest perk:

The Delta Reserve card has allowed me to get Diamond Medallion Status in combination with reasonable US domestic travel (> 12 MQS). The advanatge to me with Diamond status is getting upgraded to first class 90% of the time including to Hawaii and east to west coast flights. Being able to check in up to 3 bags for free as well as prirority check in and boarding.

There is no other airline card that can let you “buy” (via credit card spend) this much status and if you’re traveling a lot this is definitely a card you should have in your repertoire.

Here’s what it takes to get the full advantage of the Reserve card:

Delta Platinum Status you must:

  • Spend $25,000 as a minimum on your card for the MQD waiver up to Platinum status and travel on paid plane tickets to get 75,000 MQMs/100 MQS remaining or spend $90,000 card (60,000 MQMs worth) spend and travel 15,000 MQMs

Delta Diamond Status you must:

  • For the Diamond MQD waiver spend $250,000 on your Reserve card (versus spend $15,000 on Delta tickets) as well as hit 125,000 MQMs/140 MQSs (60,000 can come from Reserve not including sign-up bonus, you can also double dip with the personal Reserve card)

For more information about Delta Medallion statuses and benefits — https://www.delta.com/us/en/skymiles/medallion-program/overview

Favorite experiences of the Reserve card:

  • The Delta lounge perk and free guest passes are great when traveling at major airports like SFO, the food and drinks each time I would estimate are worth at least $40 per lounge visit (relative to airport food); also very useful when your flight is delayed (some even have showers)
  • With Diamond Medallion status I recently got a Porsche transfer at LAX airport where instead of walking to the gate they pick you up at the plane and drive you to the exit point right before baggage claim
  • Getting upgraded to lay flat beds (Delta One) and getting lounge access when flying on international Delta Sky Team partners (ex — Korean Airlines flagship lounge)

So net-net if you are using your business credit card for annual spend of $90,000 or more and travel frequently the Delta Reserve card for business can be one of the bets options on the market!

Apply for an American Express Card with this link for an awesome offer — https://americanexpress.com/en-us/referral/ZACHKydmS?XL=MIACP



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